Opening A Restaurant?

A lot of work goes into opening a restaurant, cafe or any other type of eatery. Once the venue and location are selected and the papers signed, there is still a lot of other things to consider before you are ready to open the doors and start serving customers. One of the main things to consider is supplies and equipment such as furnishings, dishwashers, dishes, cutlery, decor and any other finishing touches that are needed. 

One item in particular, the wipeable tablecloth, is of top importance in the restaurant business. Think about it. Multiple people will come into the establishment throughout the day and each party will need a clean table to sit at. Imagine how much work would be involved if you had to change the table cloth every time someone new came into the restaurant. And imagine how much water would be wasted continuously putting them in the wash. A wipeable tablecloth eliminates that extra work and extra waste. All you have to do is wipe the cloth clean with a rag and disinfectant spray and it's all ready for the next diners. A wipeable table cloth works the same way as a regular tablecloth. You just place it over the table. They are available in multiple designs and colours and can be purchased at any department store and through many websites online.

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Constant Evolution

The restaurant industry is constantly evolving with new procedures, new ways to approach customer service and new equipment to help make the business run smoother by speeding things up. Some restaurants are basic in their set-up while others go beyond just serving meals. You can have table games at each table or colouring books for children. Some eateries have televisions or lounge areas where customers can mingle while they wait. I've even seen aquariums with exotic fish and various sea creatures.

There are many things a restaurant owner can do to ensure the success of the business. Obviously the first thing to consider is location. Your restaurant needs to be easy to find and parking should be easy too. The decor is also an important factor as customers want to feel welcome the second they walk through the door. Ensure that the place is well-lit but not so bright to make it feel like a cafeteria. Have some nice pictures, flower arrangements or unique ornamental items scattered about to fill in any blank spaces. These things don't just apply to the main area of the restaurant. Always ensure that the kitchen and bathrooms are clean and nicely put together as well. When purchasing things like dishes and cutlery, make sure everything matches and they are of good quality. Always replace anything that gets bent or chipped.

When it comes to drawing customers into the restaurant, word of mouth is still the main way for people to become aware of your existence. Tell everyone you know and they will tell everyone they know. Host a special opening event with deals and samplings to draw people in. Social media is also a great way to advertise any business. If people like your restaurant, they will keep coming back and they will tell their family and friends to come too.