Negative effects of fried food

Instead of frying, it’s ideal you steam, grill, bake or roast your meal. This is because frying enhances your calories and fat intake mostly if you fry at very low temperatures or use excessive oil or bread food before frying. Putting excessive oil in your pan at a go minimizes the oil temperature and minimal oil temperature enhances the amount of time it takes to fry which in turn enhances the amount of fat taken in while you cook. The increased calorie and fat content enhance the possibility of a range of health issues. Some of these health issues are listed below:

Enhanced Risk of Diabetes

The frequent consumption of fried food has been associated with an enhanced possibility of type-2 diabetes. This is as stated by a study published in April 2011 by Diabetes Care. As shown by another study in 2013, portrayed in Nutrition & Food Study, it is not just food which is deep fried that enhances your risk of diabetes but it was proven that women who consumed mildly fried foods have a higher possibility of experiences diabetes than those who did not eat these foods as much.

Enhanced possibility of Stroke

Meals that contain a large amount of fried food like Southern Cuisine may enhance your possibility of stroke. This was stated in a CBS news report in February 2013. Your possibility of stroke will be increased by 41 percent if you consume fried southern meals 6 or more times weekly in comparison to consuming these kinds of meals once monthly. This was based on a study carried out by the Alabama University, Birmingham. If you fry your meals using a kind of fat that offers lots of saturated fat like coconut oil or butter, it may also elevate your cholesterol and possibility of heart disease.

Increased Risk of Cancer

Reducing the level of fried food you consume can aid you in minimizing your possibility of prostate cancer. Individuals who consumed a higher level of fried foods like fried chicken, fried fish or French fries at least once every week had a higher possibility of prostate cancer in comparison to individuals who consumed these meals less than once weekly. This was as stated by a study stated in June 2012, in the Journal known as Prostrate.

Increased Risk of Obesity

Foods containing an elevated amount of fats like fried foods also have a large number of calories. This is because a gram of fat offers 9 calories in comparison to 4 calories observed in every gram of carbohydrates and protein. If you frequently consume fried food, you have a higher possibility of becoming obese or overweight.

Healthier Fried Food Options

If you cannot let go of fried foods, you can ensure they are healthier. You can utilize unsaturated oils in frying your meals. Some of these include soybean, corn, sunflower, canola and peanut oil.

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