Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) interferes with the normal flow of air in the lungs. It is a serious disease which when not carefully attended to, can lead to death. When diagnosed with COPD, there’s a need to start watching what you eat. In order words, your eating habits need to change and you need to take up a healthy eating habit. Although, eating healthy food would not cure COPD.

However, a healthy diet can help cure the infections that come with COPD which includes infections of the chest. When diagnosed with COPD, it is advisable you get a dietitian who can help you to create a perfect plan for your diets and also give you guidelines to make sure you don’t get other infections that will result from not eating well.

But below are some general guides which might help in managing the condition. They include:

Eating a balanced diet

As you know, a balanced diet is a diet that contains the six classes of food in their appropriate proportion. To stay balanced, eating vegetables and fresh fruits should be a considerable option. This is because veggies are high in fiber content. Also, fruits contain vitamins that are essential in the body as well as those that contain phosphorus, iron, and potassium which are important minerals that can be utilized by the body should be given a trial.

You should avoid food with high fatty contents. It’s preferable you go for foods with low fat. You can equally take food that has a reasonable amount of protein. Dairy products, meat, and any other food which is proteinous is also not a bad option.

Food high in fiber such as lentils and oat are food which aid in digestion. Food containing complex carbohydrates would be a wise option.


Stay away from some food

There are some meals you just have to say ‘No’ to when diagnosed with COPD. Food such as chocolates, fries, and salt.

Why you should reduce the intake of salt or completely eradicate it from your diet is because, when the salt content in food is too high, too much water is being retained in the body which will, in turn, affect the breathing ability. Do well to check the salt content in food products before buying them.

As good as some veggies and fruit may be, there’s a list of fruits and veggies you should avoid. Fruits like watermelon, apple, and peach should be avoided in your diet.

One reason why you should stay away from chocolates is that they contain caffeine.


Be careful of what you drink

It is advisable that people who have COPD should take in a lot of liquid. According to nutritionists, it is recommended that people with COPD should take in per day, Approximately 6 to 8 glasses of drinks that do not contain caffeine.

Intake of alcohol when you’ve got COPD is a suicidal attempt. This is because alcohol slows down the rate at which you breathe. It makes the throat dry thereby preventing you from bringing out mucus when you cough.

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