I am certain most individuals are aware the body requires important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, as well as the function each one of the vitamin performs and which of the foods we eat are vitamin, has more effect on the body.

Not everyone is experienced in living healthy. Experts have suggested that before we start taking supplements, we should make sure our body is filled with healthy foods. The best option is to consume as many whole foods as you can. But that is just one option.

Below are some of the crucial minerals and vitamins required by our body as well as where to get them. They include:


Vitamin A helps for better eyesight, strong teeth, and skin, overall development. Vitamin A is generally found in carrots and also several orange foods such as cantaloupe melons and sweet potato.


This produces energy for the body, also provides immune and absorption of iron.  This can be located in unprocessed and whole foods like potatoes, whole grains, yeast, chili peppers, beans among others.


Vitamin C is good for building up the blood vessels and adding elasticity to the skin, absorption of iron and anti-oxidant function.

Everybody knows vitamin c is gotten from oranges but that’s not the only source that provides it. Vitamin C  can be found in veggies and other fruits such as grapefruits, strawberry, red and green peppers etc.


Vitamin D provides the body with strong and healthy bones. It can be gotten from spending little time under the sun increases production of Vitamin D and also when you consume eggs, mushrooms and fish, vitamin D is provided to the body.


This helps in circulating blood and protects from free radicals. Almond is a common Vitamin E rich nutrient. Other sources include tomatoes and sunflower seeds.



Vitamin K helps the body in the coagulation of blood, i.e. the way our blood clots. Vitamin K sources include leafy greens like spinach, broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts.


This is best recognized as a bone builder and is also known to minimize symptoms of PMS like cramping as well as mood swings by half. This was as stated by a study at Columbia University. It is also shown by research that individuals who attain adequate calcium have a lower possibility of premenopausal breast cancer and a lower possibility of high pressure.

The best sources of attaining this mineral include cheese, tofu, milk and yogurt among others.


This is great for renewal of cell and the aversion of birth defects during pregnancy. There are a host of natural sources to get folic acid. Some of these include beans, seeds, broccoli, corn, and beans among others.


This is great for the maintenance of healthy blood and building of muscles naturally. Some of the natural sources of attaining Iron include liver, oysters, and clams. For individuals who are vegetarians, some of the best sources include beans, pumpkin seeds, spinach and a host of others.

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